24-Month Cine y Entretenimiento Pack Offer

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the new Cine y Entretenimiento Pack Offer! From September 15 through October 29, 2021, you will be able to offer qualifying DishLATINO Subscribers this special pack at no cost for 24 months, which includes the following in-language channels: A3 Cine, A3Series, Cinema Dinamita, Hola TV, Nuestra Visión, Star HD, Starz Encore en Español, and Tarima! 


New Residential DishLATINO customers who qualify for a Flex24 or DHA24 Plan, choose a Hopper® or Wally® Receiver, and connect to the Internet will be eligible for this 24 month roll-to-pay Offer. Select “Cine y Ent 24mo (regularly $5) (Internet required)” to give Subscribers access to Spanish language content with entertainment, movies, news, music, and more! The 3 month roll-to-pay Offer is still available, but during Hispanic Heritage Month, you can provide even more programming to your customers for 24 whole months!



The Receiver must be connected to the Internet in order to receive Cine y Entretenimiento Pack channels. If the Receiver isn’t connected to the Internet within two weeks, the Offer will be permanently removed from the Account.

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