In July, we launched Flash Mobile to ACN customers, so they can experience life without limits with the nation’s largest, fastest, and most reliable 5G & 4G LTE networks! 

There is no action required for Flash Wireless customers who are activated on Flash Green plans. Your existing Flash Wireless Green customers will continue to enjoy the same great network and service, and benefit from everything Flash Wireless offers. These customers will continue to count toward qualifications and ongoing residual commissions. 

However, Flash Yellow customers are affected by the recent Sprint and T-Mobile merger and will need to switch their service to another provider or they will lose their service.  



To ensure your Flash Yellow customers continue to count 
toward your qualifications and ongoing residual commissions, encourage them to 
switch to Flash Mobile by December 15, 2021before Flash Yellow services retire. 


In September, all Flash Yellow customers received an email that notified them that their Flash Wireless service will retire on December 15.  

As a follow-up, we are sending Flash Yellow customers a new Flash Mobile SIM card with activation instructions so they can activate their new service immediately. Please note that when they enroll, they’ll be asked to pay an activation fee, which will be credited back to their account on their first invoice.  

At the same time, we are also sending emails with the important account and porting PIN information that they will need to transfer their number to Flash Mobile.  

We will follow up with a series of emails to active Flash Yellow customers bi-weekly until December 15. As a reminder, your customer’s device must be compatible with Flash Mobile. If there is an incompatible device associated with any of their lines, they will be required to purchase a new one to continue their service through Flash Mobile.  

Take this time to reach out to your Flash Yellow customers and to share the exciting benefits that Flash Mobile has to offer.  

With coast-to-coast coverage, a variety of new features, as well as flexible plan options, Flash Mobile ensures a perfect fit for your customers, every time! 

Help your customers stay connected and live life without limits.  

Be Limitless! Be Flash!