Most adults know what to look for when it comes to spam and phishing emails that may have harmful malware attached to them. Kids, however, may not know what to look for. That is why IDSeal Pro-Tec includes Antivirus for an extra layer of protection to you and your children’s devices!  

Children are easy victims when it comes to cybercrime because they don’t know any better when cybercriminals send emails or links with malicious intent. And when a child is a victim of cybercrime, it could take years until anyone knows that they have been a victim. That is why IDSeal has a full spectrum of protection to keep identities and devices safe! 

There are also threats to your personal information that you might not be aware of that can go unnoticed for months, even years. That is why IDSeal alerts you when your identity information is found on the dark web and IDSeal Pro-Tec is proactive, stopping threats to your information at one of your most vulnerable access points, your own device!  

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