IDSeal Pro-Tec Digital Privacy and Device Protection Suite

The IDSeal Pro-Tec Security Suite includes all-in-one Device Protection, Antivirus, & VPN. With IDSeal Pro-Tec, surf, shop, and socialize without worry. IDSeal Pro-Tec provides protection that proactively helps safeguard multiple devices from cybercriminals in real-time and alerts you if your identity may have been compromised. Check out what IDSeal Pro-Tec can do for you and your customers!


Keeps your private information private

IDSeal Pro-Tec scans your computer for login credentials, documents, and other sensitive personal information, then encrypts this data at your discretion and hides it in a secure vault on your computer so you can control the access. Camera and microphone blockers help protect you from bad actors that might try to eavesdrop or peep into your personal life.


Safely and privately surf the web

With IDSeal Pro-Tec’s secure VPN, you can browse the web safely from anywhere, confident that your online activity will be private. IDSeal Pro-Tec keeps websites from tracking where you go, what you do, and what you buy, and limits your personal digital information from being accessed by malicious criminals. And, our Safe Browsing feature guards against unsafe websites, hacking attempts, malicious scripts, and other online threats.


Shields your devices from digital threats

IDSeal Antivirus defends your devices from the latest viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans, and spyware, while helping to keep your device operating at peak performance. It features an easy installation process, monitoring and alerts capabilities, and even has email protection, blocking and securing any threats found in incoming emails.