The dark web is in many ways a double-edged sword, legal in its existence, but highly concerning for its’ known illicit and illegal purposes. The dark web is anonymous in nature, posing us with a variety of cybersecurity threats and littering us with data breaches. 

Cybercriminals will take the information that is stolen from you (i.e. passwords, email addresses) and capitalize on it by selling it on the dark web. The information is then used to wreak havoc on your identity, potentially causing you trouble with the IRS, a damaged credit profile, and more.  

IDSeal Platinum with Pro-Tec includes a Dark Web Scanner, just one of fourteen included features in the digital and device protection suite. The Dark Web Scanner uses a unique algorithm that allows you to run a search for your email addresses and passwords on the dark web. Any found occurrence will be reported, giving you the option to update your login credentials to keep your accounts more secure.  

Get the tools you need to keep your information safer. Give them nothing to steal, with IDSeal. 


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