When you are browsing the internet, websites are working behind the scenes to collect your data and track your browsing habits. The data that they collect creates a “digital fingerprint” that uniquely identifies your device, similar to how our actual fingerprint is used to identify us.

It may not sound too bad that these websites are tracking your browsing habits and collecting your data but consider how they may use that information against you. Here is a sampling of what information can be gathered: 

  1. Programs installed on device 
  2. Last Website visited 
  3. Serial Number of Device 
  4. IP address in office or at home 
  5. Devices time zone 
  6. Type of Device 
  7. Date & time of website visit 
  8. Much More… 

With this information, hackers know everything about your habits and even where you’re connecting from because of your IP address and time zone.  Knowing your habits and bits of data is what places you at risk. Oftentimes, this information can be used to customize advertisements for you, but hackers don’t possess that same integrity. They can use that information to blackmail you or even impersonate you. 

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