One of the many benefits of being an IDSeal Platinum subscriber is our Opt-Out Credit Card Offers benefit. You’ll be added to a list that opts you out of firm credit card or insurance offers. You may wonder, “How can an identity thief access this information?” If you do not take special care with your unwanted mail, they may find this as an easy opportunity to gather your personal information.  

Personal identifying information that seems second-nature to you is high-value for an identity thief. Here is a sampling of what they may be looking for in your mail: 

  1. Full name 
  2. Birth date 
  3. Address 
  4. Credit score 
  5. Pre-approved credit card offers 
  6. Email address 
  7. Phone number

With any of the information above, identity thieves have enough information to commit identity theft in a variety of ways. Stop them before they ever get the chance by subscribing to IDSeal Platinum! 


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