Do you think that you have overshared information on social media? The chances are high that you have. Unfortunately, many of us spend our days interacting with family, friends, and sometimes strangers on social networks, unknowingly compromising our security through seemingly harmless avenues.  

Here are some ways that you may be unknowingly compromising your security: 

  • Location Sharing: checking into a restaurant, museum, concert, etc.
  • Security Question & Password Hints: participating in the seemingly harmless surveys by answering: 
    • “What was your childhood best friend’s name?”  
    • “Can you remember your first phone number?”  
    • “What is your dog’s name?”  
    • “How old were you when you got married?” 

Participating in these surveys may seem fun and harmless, but they are giving cybercriminals strong clues to accessing your account information.  Fortunately, when you subscribe to IDSeal, they monitor the social networking accounts that you connect. If you share any personally identifying information, IDSeal immediately notifies you of what you are at risk for and links you directly to the post in question.
Keep your social networking interactions clear of your personally identifying information when you subscribe to IDSeal today! 

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