The odds are high that you are reading this while being connected to the internet, whether that is from home with the service provided by your internet service provider, or through a public wi-fi network at a coffee shop, airport, or library.  

No matter the circumstance, if you are not using a VPN (virtual private network), your personal information can be accessed over these networks by anyone including websites, hackers, and your internet service provider. It feels like an invasion of privacy, right? That’s because it is. They can link any of your online activity to your identity and location.  

You’re probably thinking, “The local coffee shop wouldn’t steal my information.” Maybe you’re right about that, but a hacker who is capitalizing on your trust would. Just imagine searching for wi-fi at “Happy Grounds” coffee shop where you see two options: “HappyGroundsWifi” or “HappyGroundsVerified”. Which one would you connect to? Sophisticated hackers will prey on unsuspecting patrons to access and steal information by creating look-alike options that give them access to your personal information. Using a VPN is just one of the many great features of IDSeal Pro-Tec that helps protect you against the cybercriminals of the world. Plus, it’s easy to use! 


All it takes is one bad network connection to turn your life upside down. Give them nothing to steal, with IDSeal.