Why Flash Wireless

You deserve more and that’s why Flash Wireless does things differently. Flash Wireless lets customers get their mobile service in a new way so they can avoid long lines or frustrating experiences. Customers purchase their service from people they trust most: their friends and family members. They’ll get personalized service on the top nationwide 4G LTE network and even have the choice to bring your old phone number or get a new one. It’s just a few of the many ways Flash Wireless puts their members first.


In addition to the amazing service, customers can get FREE* Mobile Service by Signing up 5 or more friends with the Flash Wireless Refer-a-Friend Program! Service is free* month after month as long as the referrals remain Flash Wireless customers. Click HERE to learn more. 


*Excludes taxes and surcharges. Applies to Monthly Recurring Charge only. Refer to the terms and conditions for complete details.