Learn More about AT&T’s Ultimate Final Four Challenge: PDF

Download the Charlotte International Training Promotional Flyer and Slides:

Flyer: PDF | Slides: Keynote | PPT | PDF

Download Tony’s announcements from the Long Beach International Event: Keynote | PDF | PPT

Your Sphere Questions Answered

JOIN US: Sphere Webinar, Jan. 21, 9 p.m. EST!

We’re always looking for ways to provide the best training out there for you to grow your business! Mark your calendars for the next opportunity: […]

BOGO Free Camera from Vivint

BOGO Free indoor camera from Vivint! Jan. 16 through Jan. 20, customers can buy an indoor camera and get one free with a package of $49.99 or higher. […]

Maximize your Flash Wireless data with Data Boost

Did you know: If you’re on a limited data plan, once you use up your data, you’ll get an additional 1GB of high speed data – if Data Boost is enabled?  […]

It’s A New Year So Get A New Phone from Flash Wireless

New Year, new phone! While supplies last, new customers can get an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus for just $100. […]

Amazon Prime Video App Now Available for Hopper 3

The Amazon Prime Video app is here, on Hopper 3!


IDSeal Points Promotion!

Earn 4 points for every IDSeal monthly plan customer acquired in January!
Earn 8 points for every IDSeal annual plan customer acquired in January!


Vivint Points for Residential and Business Customers

Vivint points: Earn 8 points for all residential and business customers acquired during the month of January!

Get $100 AT&T Visa® Reward Card when you bundle qualifying Internet and DIRECTV!

*w/24-mo TV & 12-mo. Internet agmts. Internet plans 25M+. Redemption req’d. […]


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