San Jose International Event Announcements

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Flash Green Unlimited Data Plans Price Increase

Unlimited Choices, Unlimited Plans

There have been a lot of changes in the wireless marketplace since T-Mobile introduced BingeOn in 2015 […]

It’s Easy to Submit Leads and Earn Bonuses with Anovia!

Looking to earn more? You still have two weeks left to take advantage of the July Anovia IBO Bonus Promotion! […]

Flash Wireless Keeps Getting Faster

RootMetrics is the leading independent source for mobile network performance information. They measure network reliability, speed, data, call, and text […]

Get Smart Lighting with Vivint

Home automation may sound kind of magical. But it’s actually pretty simple, logical, and straightforward. Automation just means that components […]

Pair your DISH Receivers to Google Assistant!

GOOGLE ASSISTANT INTEGRATION  is now integrated with Hopper®, Joey®, and Wally® Receivers. Not only will Google Assistant allow hands-free voice […]

XOOM Energy Scheduled Website Maintenance

The XOOM Energy website will be undergoing maintenance and upgrades from 12:00AM – 6:00AM EST every night from Monday, July […]

Vacation Coming Up? Take your entertainment with you – with the DIRECTV App!

Did you know – your customer can start watching DIRECTV before they install with the FREE DIRECTV App!

Stream LIVE TV […]

Why Switch to Flash Wireless?

Here’s what makes us different and better than your typical wireless carrier. Flash Wireless gives you and your customers total […]


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