We are thrilled to announce the launch of the AT&T Live Chat Support, available through the online order portal! With this amazing new tool, your AT&T customers can now chat with a US-based live support agent in real time during the order processing. Have a question about bundle packages, channel line-ups, monthly fees, etc.? AT&T agents are here and ready to help!

AT&T Live Chat Support Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 3pm ET to 10pm ET

Saturday: 12pm to 6pm ET

Sunday: Closed

Things to remember:

– Only for AT&T services – this includes DIRECTV, AT&T Internet and AT&T Digital Phone

– Only for support during the order process. No post-order support (e.g. order status, installation date changes)

– AT&T agents will not be able to answer ACN-related questions (e.g. commissions, customer points)

Help simplify the online order process and improve your customers’ experience by taking advantage of this new tool!

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