Have you signed up for IDSeal? If so, then you know they go above and beyond to help keep members protected! And in fact, to prevent hackers from easily gaining access to your member portal, IDSeal has put in place guidelines to help you create a secure password.

IDSeal passwords must include:

      – A combination of at least 8 numbers and letters

      – At least 1 uppercase letter

      – No special characters

Did you know that some of the latest research suggests passwords that include special characters are actually less secure than those that do not? Contrary to popular belief, longer phrases are more secure than short, random combinations that include special characters.

Tips to create a secure password:

      – Make sure the password is long

      – Choose a phrase as opposed to random characters

      – Be sure it is something you can remember

      – Don’t write it down anywhere

Don’t forget to pass this information on to your IDSeal customers!