1. Your Customers Have Lots of Choices!

They can visit flashwireless.com for a wide selection of the latest devices! (Best Buy will ship the selected device directly to your customer). But…

2. Best Buy is a Distributor Only

Flash Wireless questions should go to you, the IBO, not to Best Buy. Their sales representatives out on the floor won’t know about Flash Wireless.

3. The Phone’s in the Mail!

In-Store Pick-Up isn’t available today but will be available soon.  Be sure your customers know Best Buy will ship devices directly to them.

4. Direct your Customers to flashwireless.com to Buy their Device

We’ve designed the Flash Wireless website with your customer in mind! It’s easy to go online to choose your phone. Other carriers sell devices on the Best Buy sales floor, but Flash Wireless customers will get theirs shipped directly to them when purchasing through Flash Wireless.

5. Flash Green SIM Cards Ship Separately

Have Flash Green customers? Let your customer know we’ll ship their SIM card separately. Remind them NOT to use the SIM card that comes with their new phone in the box.

Got more questions? No worries, head over to the Frequently Asked Questions and read more!