Spectrum Voice provides much more than you might realize a home phone would offer. In addition to unlimited local and long distance calling, Spectrum Voice includes up to 28 of the most popular home phone features!


– The phone can be used as a fax line for a home based business

– Features can be turned on or off easily through the My Spectrum App

– Spectrum Voice is value priced! For just $.33 cents a day, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your family has access to a phone with Enhanced 911

– Spectrum’s home phone has great call quality and is not affected by weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about poor reception in areas of your house like with a mobile phone.

Check out all these great Spectrum Voice features!

Forward Selected Calls

Never miss important calls.  Forwarded specific numbers to a designated number if you’re not home.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Don’t have to worry about answering calls from phone numbers you’re not familiar with.

Enhanced 911

Emergency services receive your address and phone number automatically to reduce response times.

Caller ID on TV

See who’s calling while watching TV.  The name and phone number appear on the TV screen.

Forward Calls When Busy

Avoid missing calls when you’re on the phone.  Great for work from home customers.

Online Call History

See a detailed record of your calls including time and duration.

Readable Voicemail

Away from home?  Receive an audio file and text transcription by email.

International Calling Plans

Call friends or family in a different country.  Lots of military are stationed around the world.

VIP Ring

Know who’s calling just by the ring.  Assign distinctive rings and call waiting tones to as many as 30 priority callers.


Block unwanted calls from telemarketers..

Block Anonymous Calls

Reject callers whose Caller ID info is hidden or blocked.

Simultaneous Ring

Don’t miss calls while away from home.  Choose up to 5 additional #’s to ring.

Return Call

Forget to write down a number?  Automatically call back the last received incoming call.

Speed Dial

Elderly and kids can have their family on speed dial

Do Not Disturb

Need some downtime?  Turn this feature on to avoid all calls.