Entertainment is easy

The glory of summer is upon us. It is time to throw off the shackles of coats and jackets, school and work. Trade in thinking for surfboards and sand castles. Take a trip and roll down the windows while you drive.

One of the best things about summer travel is the opportunity to do, basically, nothing. But what do you do while you’re doing nothing? What do you do on your way to doing nothing?

We have a suggestion: bring entertainment. DISH gives you the most convenient way for you to do this: the HopperGO. It stores 100 hours of recorded programming, and it can broadcast them to your phone, tablet, or computer with its wifi network. It’s like a tiny DVR.

There are thousands of movies with DISH that will make it feel like you’re already relaxing in the sun, whether in the mountains, at the beach, or on the road. Set your DVR to record them, push them to your HopperGO, and take off.  

You can also Download your FREE DISH Anywhere app today and enjoy watching TV on your travels.  Watch live TV, Recorded or OnDemand. No internet connection, no problem. Transfer your DVR recordings to any device in advance and enjoy those favorite shows or movies on your flight or in the car.