IDSeal is the talk of the town! With the new IDSeal enhancements announced earlier this month, including the launch of IDSeal Business Direct and the IDSeal annual plan, you’ve got SO many opportunities to build your business and keep your momentum going toward your end-of-year goals. But we’re just getting started – check out these great IDSeal November bonuses, and use them to propel your business forward!


For every 5 IDSeal Customers acquired in November, RECEIVE $250*!


Earn 4 points* for every monthly plan or 5 points* for every annual plan IDSeal customer acquired in November!

Ready to really dive into selling IDSeal? Head over to the development center, take the IDSeal training, and get your IDSeal Enthusiast badge! Wondering about the all-new IDSeal Business Direct? Review this great training doc today!

*Any customer that enrolls in IDSeal during the month of November will qualify for this promotion. All IDSeal customers must be authenticated by January 10. $125 will be paid to the IBO when the orders are active and the other $125 will be paid in 60 days if all points are still active. Points count once the complete order is received and the customer has completed the authentication process. An Individual Customer who enrolls in IDSeal and selects the Annual Plan option will count as one customer. These promotions exclude IDSeal Business Direct customers. Any customer who was an IDSeal customer in the past 6 months does not count toward these promotions. Refer to the November Bonus docs for full details.