As we continue to improve the new IBO Back Office, we’ve centralized access to your business information. You will now see the following 2020 tax information in today’s update:

  • All US IBOs who earned money in 2020 will now find their yearly taxable Earnings Statements in the new IBO Back Office on the “My Business” tab.
  • Individual positions that earned more than $600 in 2020 will also have a 1099 document available.
  • Corporations, LLCs and Trusts are not required to receive a 1099.
  • If you had foreign tax withholdings, they will be reflected in your taxable earning statement in the IBO Back Office

NOTE: You may be able to claim certain foreign tax withholdings as a tax credit or deduction on your tax return. We recommend that you discuss this with your tax advisor.

Click here to access your yearly taxable Earnings Statements in the IBO Back Office.